Antibody Sequencing

Genovac offers in-house hybridoma and single B cell antibody sequencing. Reliable antibody sequencing is critical to lead discovery and the development of therapeutic antibodies. Genovac understands that knowledge of the variable regions is an obligatory entry point for humanization.

Sanger & NGS Sequencing

Genovac utilizes both Sanger and NGS sequencing techniques, depending on the throughput requirement of a specific project.

Hybridoma antibody sequencing services are designed to prevent amplification of aberrant light chains and other undesirable intermediates of the immunoglobulin gene maturation process. Our sequencing projects begin with flash-frozen or RNA-stabilized hybridoma cells, concluding with a detailed project report that includes subsequent trace files and complete, annotated sequences of the relevant regions.

Single B cell antibody sequencing is a powerful technique for analyzing large antibody repertoires and discovery of novel/rare antibodies at the individual cell level. Individual, specific B cells are isolated using our Beacon® or Genovac Nano™ screening platforms, then mRNA from each cell is captured and reversed transcribed into cDNA. This preserves the pairing information of heavy and light chain sequences. From there, the heavy and light chain sequences are amplified through single cell PCR.

Deliverables of Genovac’s sequencing services include:

  • Final sequencing report with full annotation (signal peptide, framework and CDRs)
  • Sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis of clones

DNA vectors derived from Genovac’s antibody sequencing services can be seamlessly used for recombinant antibody production, enabling a rapid transition into the next step of the development process.

NGS sequencing, in combination with the ChromiumX instrument, can support repertoire sequencing, allowing Genovac to take unused single cell pools and compare sequences of known hits to find better and more diverse candidates.


Hybridoma and single B cell sequences derived from both Sanger and NGS techniques are analyzed through the ENPICOM software. Full length antibody sequences are reconstructed and analyzed to identify key features, such as clonal relationships, phylogenetic analysis, CDR3 sequences, and sequence liability. Using this software, Genovac is able to select developable candidates earlier in the discovery process.

ENPICOM and Genovac have partnered to utilize ENPICOM’s software to develop an AI-based humanization service, called GenovacAI Humanization, powered by ENPICOM.