About Genovac

The Gene to Antibody Company™

The gold standard for discovery

Genovac was initially launched in 1999 by three University of Freiburg professors who built on the institution’s contributions to pioneering antibody discovery research and development.   Focused on delivering the most advanced genetic immunization and hybridoma technologies, the founders created the gold standard of the time for the generation of antibodies against challenging targets.

With the management led buyout of the Aldevron’s antibody discovery business unit, we’re proud to relaunch Genovac and to redefine the gold standard for the delivery of antibodies against challenging targets through continuous improvement of our immunization technologies and novel use of Berkeley Light’s Beacon instrument.

Infectious viral diseases, autoimmune disorders and cancer remain a major healthcare challenge, improving their diagnosis and speed the testing of vaccines and drugs to treat them cannot come soon enough. We’re determined to play our part in addressing these needs with our pioneering science and trusted proprietary technologies.

We excel in delivering rare and advanced antibody discovery solutions for the most difficult targets.

Powerful technology and unrivalled screening power

Today’s Genovac is the only contract research partner to offer two Beacon’s for antibody discovery; the only partner to combine its powerful genetic immunization technology and with the screening power of two Beacons; and the only partner who offers Beacon screening with multiple species options including Ligand’s OmniRat.

Headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota with research and manufacturing operations in Freiburg, Germany, we’re committed to delivering successful projects by delivering the most advanced technologies, our team’s 20+ years of knowledge and experience, and an unwavering commitment to our client’s goals and objectives.

Listen to our latest webinar:
On November 19 2020 Genovac took part in a webinar hosted by GEN.  Panelists from Genovac presented case studies on how we overcome these antibody discovery and development challenges by leveraging Genovac’s core genetic immunization technology, and the Beacon optofluidic system, to rapidly discover antibodies against challenging targets, such as GPCRs, from a variety of different animal species. Listen here.

Latest webinar