About Genovac

The Gene to Antibody Company™

A one-stop-shop gene to antibody partner

Genovac is a contract research and manufacturing organization committed to positioning our clients for the successful development of new transformative drugs and diagnostics.

Genovac specializes in antibody discovery and production against challenging targets. Our unique combination of genetic immunization, multiple host species, multiple single B cell platforms, and state-of-the-art production facilities enables us to serve as your one-stop-shop Gene to Antibody partner.

Company Background
Genovac was initially launched in 1999 by three University of Freiburg professors who built on the institution’s contributions to pioneering antibody discovery research and development. Focused on delivering the most advanced genetic immunization and hybridoma technologies, the founders created the gold standard of the time for the generation of antibodies against challenging targets.

Advancing possibilities
With the management-led buyout of Aldevron’s antibody discovery business unit in 2020, Genovac was relaunched to redefine the gold standard for the delivery of antibodies against challenging targets through continuous improvement of our immunization technologies, the addition of new host species, and the utilization of advanced screening technologies, such as the Berkeley Lights’ Beacon instrument.

In addition to its antibody discovery operations in Freiburg, Germany, Genovac established production and characterization capabilities at its headquarters in the North Dakota State University Research & Technology Park located in Fargo, ND.

Redefining the gold standard for the delivery of antibodies against challenging targets