Transgenic Animal Partners

Genovac is an approved contract research provider with all leading transgenic animal companies.

Transgenic therapeutics to fit your needs

Genovac is the leader in the use of transgenic animal platforms for the generation of fully human, monoclonal antibodies and can assist you in accelerating the development of therapeutic antibodies. The company offers several options for your projects.

OmniAb® Antibody Discovery

Genovac combines its Antibody Technology with OmniAb® rodent platforms for superior human antibody development.

Human Antibodies from Genovac and OmniAb®: Partnering for best-in-class discovery and development services

Combining Genovac Antibody Technology with OmniAb® rodent platforms provides clients with accelerated discovery, in vivo optimization for therapeutic efficacy and manufacturability, and fully human sequences for safety and reduced immunogenicity.

A variety of immunization protocols have been applied successfully with OmniAb® animals, including DNA, peptide, protein, or cell immunization. The technology also has been used to complete multiple projects with OmniRat®, OmniFlic® and OmniMouse® antibody platforms.

By establishing a collaborative workflow between the end user, OmniAb® and the breeding facility, Genovac can take a project from a target sequence to immunization, fusion, screening and delivery of the desired antibody.

Case Studies

OmniAb® Strains vs. Target Classes

OmniRat® Animals Kappa & Lambda: Ligand-Receptor Protein Complex

OmniRat® Animals Kappa & Lambda: GPCR

Project Deliverables

Hybridoma and/or B cells are delivered for every antibody project. We also provide the following complementary services:

  • Antibody sequencing
  • Recombinant antibody production
  • Antibody purification from hybridomas

Target Analysis

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