Recombinant Protein Production

A complete solution for production of recombinant proteins for any biopharmaceutical or agricultural application.

Genovac’s recombinant protein production service offers a flexible solution for your recombinant protein needs, from small-scale parallel production to process development and multi-gram scale production. Core elements of this service include:

  • Construct Design: our scientists will work with your team to design expression constructs that specifically meet your downstream requirements. Elements of the design include host species optimization and fusion tags to support detection, immobilization, and / or purification.
  • Expression Hosts: we offer expression in all commercially available E. coli strains as well as HEK-293 and CHO cells. Other expressions hosts are available on request.
  • Purification: our scientists have expertise in all chromatography techniques, including affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion, and mixed mode. Formulation of purified protein is completed using dialysis, ultrafiltration, or tangential flow ultrafiltration, dependent on the production scale.
  • Analytics: we offer a complete portfolio of analytical tests which can be tailored to meet project requirements. If required, our scientists can develop analytical tests specific to your target protein.

    Analytical Tests

    • Concentration
    • Purity – SDS-PAGE, RP-HPLC
    • Aggregation – aSEC
    • Residual host cell protein
    • Residual host cell DNA
    • Endotoxin
  • Functional Assays: functional assays for recombinant proteins are offered on a custom basis. Available platforms include absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, and HTRF. Additionally, we can develop novel cell-based assays for recombinant protein function.

All recombinant protein projects start with a thorough assessment of your program objectives. Genovac will then formulate a project plan designed specifically to meet your needs. Plans typically fall into one of the three following categories:


Genovac can transfer a client or literature method into our laboratories and use it to produce the target protein.


Based on its biochemical properties, we can establish a novel production process to produce the target protein.


Starting with either a transferred or established method, we will refine key steps to improve process efficiency and product quality.

We offer a complete portfolio of analytical tests which can be tailored to meet project requirements: