Plasmid DNA Production

High-quality plasmid, fixed quantity deliverable, excess material provided at no charge.

Genovac offers plasmid DNA production at the microgram to gram scale production. For difficult to produce plasmids or applications that require heightened purity, we offer process development, including host cell screening and second-step chromatography.

Genovac manufactures plasmid DNA at research grade and enhanced research grade quality levels. Both levels yield high-quality product suited for most applications, such as transient transfection for protein or AAV production. Enhanced research grade manufacturing adds the following process controls, relative to research grade:

Enhanced Research Grade Plasmid DNA Manufacturing:

  • Segregated laboratory space and equipment
  • Single-use or project-dedicated consumables and raw materials
  • Raw material traceability
  • Manufacturing summary report

We offer a full suite of quality tests for plasmid DNA, available for both research grade and enhanced research grade product. In addition to our standard quality tests, Genovac scientists can develop new tests to meet the unique requirements of your project.


Concentration (UV260)
Purity (260/280)
Identity / topology (AGE)
Identity (sequence)
Residual host cell DNA
Residual host cell RNA
Residual host cell protein